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Testimonial About Caring Heart Family Nurse Practitioner



"Your not just a dollar sign on a conveyer belt. You’re actually TREATED LIKE FAMILY. What a good feeling that is. We would VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER AND HER CARING HEART TEAM to anyone who wants GREAT TREATMENT while being treated like FAMILY. You make the choice. WE DID, AND WE LOVE IT!"


"Gie is great, actually caring for her patients. She makes house calls for those unable to make the trip to the office and you can contact her via text message so you don't have to deal with setting an appointment weeks in advance! Definitely recommend for those with transportation issues!"


“This Nurse Practitioner is one of a kind and very professional. She answers and explains to me what’s going on with my health, in fact, now the whole family is under her care. She is now our family primary physician.”
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