Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the most frequent questions we hear

What health conditions do you diagnose and treat?

We diagnose and treat the most common health conditions that we see in primary care clinics. Here is a short list of Common Conditions we treat via Telehealth. -Allergies -Respiratory Infection. -Sinusitis -Asthma -Skin Inflammation -Cellulitis -Colds and Flu -Urinary Tract Infection -Diarrhea -Constipation -Nausea -Vomiting -Insect Bites -Conjuctivitis -Rashes We can also help manage chronic health conditions like your Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Can a patient requests for Prescriptions?

Yes, we can prescribe your home medication/s except for narcotics. We have to review your medication list, allergies, and other health conditions prior to sending your prescription to your pharmacy.

How much does Telehealth service cost at Caring Heart Family Nurse Practitioner?

Our Service is very affordable and easy to use. It only costs $29.99 to schedule a visit with a Nurse Practitioner who will also make a follow-up call/visit within 3-5 business days to check on how you are doing without extra charge.

How does Home Visit works?

We offer home visits to our local community in Palm Coast, and nearby towns like Flagler Beach, Daytona Beach, Bunnell, and St. Augustine. We can only accept Medicare patients for now. Unlike traditional primary care service, our providers come to your home for a health visit (Our Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners). We do health assessment, check your weight and vital signs, review your medications and current health condition. If you need diagnostic testings such as EKG, echocardiogram, and X-ray, we can send a medical technicians to your home to provide this services. This are independent medical contractors and your test results are read by specialists, such as hospital radiologist and cardiologist. You will also get your test results once reviewed by the specialist. Note: test orders are paid by patient's insurance company or you can request self-pay.

For home visits do you take insurance?

Yes. At the moment we can only take Medicare patients and Aetna/Medicare patients. We are in the process of credentialing for other insurances.

How much does it cost for home visit or sick visit without insurance?

For New Patients: we charge $99 per home sick visit. Once established in our system, we only charge $75 per visit. For Family Home Visit: Please give us a call and ask for family or group discount per visit.

What health screening or test do you offer at home?

We can screen patients for hypertension, hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol, diabetes, and we offer COVID-19 test for thos who have symptoms. Please call and ask about our price list for the different tests available Don't forget to ask about Family and Group Discount for testing.